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There are many women around the world that become broke or financially strapped everyday because they lost their lost job, their business, their health, or got divorced, or sadly widowed, or other reasons. This has especially happened recently because of the COVID-19 crisis. These women have to start over – some have to start over, again. Where do they turn? What do they do? Where can they find help? Nora Ellen was one of these women. In fact, Nora had to start over 3 times and is now starting over again, but this time – by choice. Because of her life’s experiences, Nora has a passion to help women that are struggling financially in order for them to be able to get to the place where they are financially free and build a legacy of their own. This website is about exactly this. It is full of helpful tips, resources, stories of success, ways to connect with others in the Women Starting Over community and much more to help you on to a better future. If we can do it, so can you!


You will love hearing Nora’s story along with interviews of women that have had to start over financially and what they did to achieve the financial success they now enjoy today. You will gain insight and golden nuggets from every story that will help you be motivated and inspired to start over with new ideas, perspective and confidence.


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Click here for helpful tips and inspiring stories of women that had to start over financially and are now successful entrepreneurs, business owners, or high level corporate professionals.



Have you had to start over financially, like Nora did, and are now a successful entrepreneur or business owner enjoying financial freedom and independence? Then, be sure to submit a summary of your story here in order to apply to be interviewed on the “Women Starting Over,” podcast or in the blog.


My Story

I never thought what I dreamed my life would be would sadly end up in a painful divorce. And not just once, but twice, and without a way of earning money. Each time I had to start over financially. The second divorce took starting over more than once. Now I am starting over, again, this time by choice because I can and am motivated with a passion to help other women that need to start over. Listen to my uniquely inspiring story here.


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