Women Starting Over was created by Nora Ellen who has a passion to help women succeed financially. Nora knows what it is like to struggle financially, especially as a single mother. She found she made some decisions in her life because of a lack of money even though she thought her decisions were based on other reasons. She knows that when women are limited financially, this can affect their self worth, their health, relationships, parenting, major life decisions and impact on the world around them.

Nora found it somewhat easy to find stories of men that went from “rags to riches,” or went bankrupt or found themselves in financial hardship and were able to start over and reach great heights of financial success. But, Nora was not as inspired as when finding true life stories of women who went broke or were financially strapped but were later able to change and reach ongoing financial freedom.

Nora knew if she had trouble finding such stories for her to be inspired and gain motivation financially, there must be other women who feel the same way, also. She decided to launch her podcast, “Women Starting Over,’ where she interviews women who were in financially struggling scenarios and then were able to turn their lives around to become financially strong and some of them completely free and independent. Many of the women became entrepreneurs and started their own businesses. Most of the women Nora interviews are single moms because she believes is a single mom can make these successful changes a married woman who has support at home can, too.

You’ll love enjoying each unique story on the podcast and in the blog along with the tips Nora shares for financial success and other helpful resources on this website.

Here’s to your creating your story of starting over and reaching financial success the way Nora has and many other women. If we can do it, so can you!


Unlocking Secrets for Financial Success

Women Starting Over