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Starting over is overwhelming. But it can also be the biggest adventure of your life. For women, moving up the career ladder is more often a case of falling behind their male counterparts. Worry, no more – here is the guide you need to get to the top without losing your footing.

Nora Ellen understands what it means to have to start over, by circumstance or by choice. Having remade herself a number of times over, she knows first-hand the plight of women who are financially strapped or broke because they are out of work, their business went bust, they fell sick, they underwent a divorce or were sadly widowed.

Filled with timeless principles that act as your compass during times of turbulence, yet peppered with no-nonsense, practical steps that you can apply daily, Women Starting Over and Moving Up empowers you to:

  • Take control of your financial future
  • Break through fear and your self-limiting beliefs
  • Overturn underearning and stop leaving money on the table
  • Discover an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Turn on your power for success
  • Gain strategies to start over from joy and purpose
  • Unlock a better relationship with money and wealth
  • Easily connect with your community of support
  • Learn the secrets of leading for greater success
  • Dream and act greater with faith, hope and love

You cannot redo the past but you can most certainly redesign your future, and Nora shows you how. Be sure to check out Nora’s free bonuses at www.WomenMovingUp.com.


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