Welcome to the Women Starting Over site where you will be inspired, motivated and energized to get that income that you need or want.  You may have lost your job, ended up in divorce, maybe your husband lost his job and you became the main breadwinner of your family.  You may be re-entering the workforce or lost your business, or you could be retiring and just don’t have enough to live on.  For some, your occupation and industry is becoming obsolete because of Technology.  We now have acronyms now like A.I. and I.T. and artificial intelligence to deal with.  You could have been furloughed because of the COVID-19 crisis.  Where is the help you need?  Where do you turn?

There are some of you that are not starting over out of necessity, but by choice, which is more of my story this time in my life.   I’m re-starting over because I want to and I can and my passion is to help you be successful in financially starting over as I have more than once.

I am excited as the creator of this Women Starting Over kind of community that we can go together as a New Beginning.  You are not alone.  I will have different guests that will share their stories in this blog and on the podcast to help you learn new ways of thinking, give you new ideas, give you the courage and the confidence you need to believe in yourself.  Confidence is one of the main aspects of earning more income.  In your hearing and learning about my story and the other women, you can get some different thoughts you’ve never had before when it comes to making income in this day and age.

I had actually shared my story in an earlier recording and decided as I was talking that there’s probably going to be some women that are thinking, Wow!  I can’t do that!  Or, I don’t want to do that.  Or, It’s too gutsy, too risky and not my cup of tea.  Or, I can’t do that where they I live.  Our minds can often shut off if we’re watching or hearing something that we think doesn’t pertain to us or that we don’t want to do.  Even though we keep listening or reading, we might go into what I call, ”The Zombie Zone.”  We’ve tuned out.  What I want encourage you to do here is to believe and expect that with each woman’s story and blog post tip, you will get some Golden Nuggets.  In each one, there’s going to be something that you can gain for your journey that you’re going on with starting over and new beginnings.   Our mind is the best asset we can have in this time and it can also be the worst asset, which can cause us to have self-limiting beliefs.  I want you to be able to release those self-limiting beliefs so you can move forward in this new direction with a lighter step.  So, stay tuned in.

“If she can do it, so can you,” my motto for this podcast!